Macroeconomy and availability


Dipl.-Ing. agr. Bernhard Osterburg and M. Sc. Olivier Hirschler

Thünen Institute, Coordination Unit Climate (Webpage of the subproject)

Sustainability assessement and certification


Dr. rer. nat. Heinz Stichnothe and M. Sc. Linda Matzke

Thünen Institute, Institut of Agricultural Technology

Economics of horticulture systems


Dr. Walter Dirksmeyer and M. Sc Anja Kretzschmann

Thünen Institute, Institute of Farm Economics

Technical characteristics and use of alternative substrates in horticulture



Dr. Ute Katharina Vogler and Marie-Friederike Ohmes

Julius Kühn Institute, Institute for Plant Protection in Horticulture and Forests

Dr. Kai-Uwe Schwarz and Dr. Maren Langhof

Julius Kühn Institute, Institute for Crop and Soil Science

Dr. Adam Schikora

Julius Kühn Institute, Institute for Epidemiology and Pathogen Diagnostics